Krishnabhumi Holydays

7 nights and 8 days stay every year in Krishna Bhumi, the iconic world class residential development in Vrindavan next to the breath-taking Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir and the magical Krishna Theme Park. The concept is based on time tested Timeshare scheme. One time membership fee valid for 15/25 years. Membership fee may be paid in installements. Annual maintenance charges waived for first 5 years of membership. There is option of gifting your timeshare to anyone you choose. Krishnabhumi Holydays members are given RCI membership card.Being a member of RCI too we have the advantage of travelling to various destinations and stay in the properties offered by RCI. With a RCI membership, you don’t have to limit your vacation options only within India. Being the world’s largest vacation exchange network, RCI offers a choice of up to 35,000 properties in over 108 countries. Bahamas, Bali, Greece, Spain, South Africa, Australia – you just name the place. Like the destinations, the resorts that RCI offers are as varied and exotic – and the list in only growing.

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