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Increasing life expectancy, decreasing fertility rate, lower mortality rates and an overall enhancement of the standard of living across the world has contributed to people living longer than ever before. There are approximately 98 million elderly people in India and it is estimated that the number would touch 240 million by 2050. Seniors need specialized housing catering to their needs. In contrast to senior living in the west, the concept of housing for seniors as a specific asset class in India continues to have social stigma associated with it which has restricted the growth of the sector at large. There is, however, now a growing realization amongst urban households, who in the last 20 years have witnessed a marked increase in nuclear families that families are no longer equipped to take care of their aged family members. In this changing social environment, concepts such contemporary retirement resorts are becoming acceptable and popular.

Jagriti Dham – Our vision is to create an age integrated society and promote the concept of active ageing in India. In Kolkata, the most luxurious senior living facility has been developed. It is Eastern India’s First Green Certified Old Age Home

Some recent awards won by Jagriti Dham

  • National PRSI Award 2016 for Best External Communication
  • PRSI Award 2012 Award -2nd prize in Corporate Brochure Category

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